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This is the page where you will eventually find information on the books that are currently in the process of being published:





Pearls of the Elf Lords is a sci-fi/fantasy novel about a group of adventurers who have been given the task of seeking out a lost artifact to help a young princess to become queen following the impending death of her grandfather. In the process the band of adventurers discover more than they had hoped for and become involved in a conflict from ages past while also trying to battle those intent on killing the princess in their effort to return her home safely.


Pearls of the Elf Lords is being published by StoneGarden.Net Publishing and is expected to be released in late 2009 or early 2010.

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28 Days Riding with the King is a four-week biker devotional designed to help kick start the riding season by spending time with the King every day before hitting the road. This devotional is not just for bikers; anyone who has the heart of a biker and a quest for adventure will enjoy this devotion. Itís small size and quick daily devotions make it especially helpful for new believers or those who are not in the habit of spending time alone with God.


This book is being published by Living Waters Publishing Co and is expected to be released in early 2009


News: LWPC has been having some difficulties. They are still hoping to release this devotional in the near future. However, there is a chance that it may be moved to another publisher.

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On Eagles Wings is a monthly article that I co-write for Thunder Roads Mid-Atlantic Magazine. It is a Christian devotion designed for a secular audience. I normally write the articles for the issue that comes out during even months. You can get copies of Thunder Roads in many local motorcycle shops or you can view it online by clicking here.





The Iron Horse Gazette is the monthly newsletter for the Northern VA Christian Riders. I co-write the chaplains article every other month for this newsletter. For the current and previous six months issues of IHG click here.




FFI was an annual Fantasy Football book that I co-wrote with my long-time friend, John Stephens, during the 1990ís. It was self published under Bo Brothers Publication and sold in a few Virginia and Maryland bookstores (and was available by mail order). This publication was put to rest in 1996 after the market became saturated with other such books and magazines.