In The Beginning: 1980 - 1981
In The Beginning: 1980 - 1981

It all started on Valentines Day 1980 when bassist Rik Saunders and guitarists Willy Reeves and Brad Jones got together with the idea to start a new band.

Rik and Brad had previously played together in a short-lived band called 'Trailblazers' and he had also been part of a group called 'Spic Spac'. He and Willy had been seeking other bands to join when the idea of forming their own group came to mind.

Rik quickly invited his friend Tony--who had been a part of 'Trailblazers'--to join the band. After some initial resistance, Tony became part of the new band, and Brad was out. Initially Tony's personal obligations made it difficult for him to participate on a regular basis, which opened the door for a female guitarist/singer named Bernie Bathurst to briefly join the band.

In late August of 1980 Mitch joined the band, following three days of joining Rik and Tony for such movies as 'Caddyshack', 'Cheach and Chongs Next Movie' and 'The Blues Brothers', during which Mitch shared his guitar abilities and asked for an audition. Following some initial resistance from Willy, Mitch was voted into the band and soon thereafter Willy was voted out; "Temporarily" turning over most of the lead vocal responsibilies to Rik.

Knightmayre (Originally known as "Forbidden" and "Double Trouble") went through several personnel changes during the first two years, and primarily played local parties for most of that time, until the majority of the band reached legal age to play in clubs. In addition to personnel, the band experiemented with different styles until settling into a mixture of a hard and southern rock mixture that would eventually become their trademark sound.

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