Taking Off: 1982
Taking Off: 1982

As 1981 came to an end Knightmayre found themselves once more without a drummer. Not satisfied with their status as a "party band" they began looking at their options. In fact, some of the members had been periodically playing with other groups. So it was time to decide the future of the band.

In early January, Rik's dad informed him that the son of a friend was a drummer seeking a band. Not feeling very enthused about the prospect, the band reluctantly set up an audition for Gary Hagenstaller.

When they auditioned him, Gary won them over with his energy and style. So the band got their fifth drummer and a fresh outlook.

Along with Gary, the band briefly added a third guitarist to provide an even more powerful guitar sound. They introduced their new line-up with a combined Valentines Day/2nd Anniversary concert at the Dale City Moose Lodge on Feb. 14, 1982. It was there that the band introduced their signature trademark: A fifteen minute all out jamming version of Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care of Business".

Two months later Knightmayre went back to having just Tony and Mitch on guitar. At the same time they received a break when they were selected to be the opening act for "Night Train".

1982 proved to be a productive year for the band. Then, as the year came to a close, Gary decided to leave the band due to work and personal committments. Mitch, Rik, and Tony decided to take some time off to give Gary the opportunity to get things in order and return before they would actively begin looking for a new drummer.

But the wait would not be for long...

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