All Things Must Pass
All Good Things Must Come To An End

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

As the summer of 1984 neared, the band started taking more and more time off between shows. Everyone but Brian was working full time, and other responsibilities were pulling at them. In addition, Mitch was contemplating a move to the west coast and Rik was exploring his options for the future.

With everything changing around them the members began contemplating life without Knightmayre. They decided to finish off the year and then take a break to decide what they were going to do.

Their plans were cut short after Knightmayre traveled to Virginia Beach in eatly July, 1984 for a performance with the band "Trix" for what unexpectedly became their final show.

The day of the show Rik had an accident: rupturing his ear drum and requiring sugery as soon as they returned home from the Virginia Beach trip. This prevented him from playing any more shows for a couple months. By the time he had recovered Mitch was making his final plans to move to Calafornia and Brian had quit the band to play full time with his other band. Having no desire to try regrouping for a last ditch farewell show without Brian available, Rik, Tony and Mitch decided to call it quits. And "Knightmayre" officially came to an end.