Knightmayre 1989 - 1999
Reunited After All These Years?

From the time they disbanded in 1984 until 1988, the members of Knightmayre remained friends. And sometimes two of them would work together on various projects. (See their bios for more details). But they never had the opportunity to reunite together.

Then in 1989 that opportunity arose. Mitch Jones was getting married and was planning on settleing down. His wedding was to be in Flint Michigan. And while there he found the opportunity to put the primary members of Knightmayre together one more time.

On May 12, 1989 Knightmayre reunited for one night only when Tony, Rik and Mitch (and a friend of Mitch's from Michigan) traveled to London, Ontario to appear on stage at a club there. While it was fun for the band, none of their old friends or fans had the opportunity to see them back together again.

Since then there have been a few more reunion near-misses, with two of them getting together from time to time with other musicians.

In 1999 former drummer Gary Haggenstaller expressed an interest in reuniting with his former bandmates, prompting a decision to try to reform the band for a reunion show.

In May of 1999 the reunion was set. Ten years after their last appearance together (And 15 years since any of their friends or fans saw Knightmayre perform live), they planned to get together and play as one of the opening acts for a show in Chantilly, Va. that was featuring a couple local southern rock bands and was being headlined by the 'Southern Rock Allstars'. Unfortunately the reunion fell through when the "SRA" concert was cancelled. When SRA finally held their concert a few months later, the guys were on hand, in the audience. Alas, another chance lost.

In October of 1999 Knightmayre finally got together again. But only for a private invitation-only appearance as a special request for Mitch, who was getting married again and wanted this in lieu of a bachlor party. The band was pleasently surprised when a few old friends traveled from as far as Florida and Michigan to be there.

Now the big question is; Will they get together again?