Mitch Jones
Mitch Jones

Mitch Jones played guitar and was known as "The Rhythm Master" for Knightmayre.

Before Knightmayre, Mitch honed his skills playing in the Stage Band at school. He also studied guitar under the tutelage of Washington, D.C. guitar legend, Mike Fath.

Early in his career, Mitch's guitar skills were good enough to win a contest sponsored by radio station DC101, winning him a guitar from Rik Emmett of Triumph.

After a brief stint in the U.S. Navy Mitch spent the next few years traveling around the U.S., sometimes hooking up with other musicians in such markets as Southern California, Chicago, Connecticut, Michigan, Milwaukee and Florida. While in Florida in 1986 Mitch appeared one night with the "Joe Lynn Turner Band"

In 1987 Mitch briefly returned to Woodbridge, VA. While back home he and Rik reunited to form the band "Exhibit A". But they never did anything with that project and disbanded a short time later.

Following the 1989 one night, Knightmayre reuinion Mitch made one final performance as a solo act in Flint, Michigan. Then returned to Woodbridge permanently, where he spent the following year with "Mexican Deception".

In 1991 Mitch and Tony Rudder traveled to Cancun, where they happened onto an opportunity to perform with "The Cartel, a Hispanic girl duo, for a one night performance at Senior Frogs.

Mitch spent most of the 1990's working on other projects and had little time to play professionally. Although he did make a few rare appearances sitting in with a few friends in some clubs in Richmond, VA, Pittsburgh, PA. and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Since getting together with former Knightmayre members in lieu of a Bachelor Party in 1999, Mitch has had little time to involve himself with playing. Although he hopes to have he opportunity to get back on stage again someday: Perhaps in another reunion effort with his old band mates.