Other Members

Other Members

While many musicians played with Knightmayre from time to time, those who were official members of the band are listed below:

Brian Barnhart: Drums/Vocals
1983 - 1984
Brian was the sixth--and final--official drummer for Knightmayre. He was with the band longer than any other drummer. He was a true pure drummer who demonstrated great talent. Brian also took over some of the vocals for the band. Brian was with the band during its most successful period. When Knightmayre was idle Brian also played with the band "Avenger". He can be credited for instilling the new sound that helped the band take off during it's final year.
Brian still plays locally.

Bernie Bathurst: Guitar/Vocals
Bernie was part of the early--pre-Mitch--lineup. She joined the band after being introduced to Rik by their music teacher. Bernie was a good guitarist and a fantastic singer and shared the vocal duties with Willy during her short tenure with the band.
As the band began moving into a more hard rock direction Bernie decided to leave and pursue alternative styles of music.

Ann Draper: Vocals
Ann was the last official member to join the band. She was a beautiful, talented singer who had fronted the rock band 'Mid-Evil'. After that band broke up Knightmayre pursued Ann to join and take over some of the lead vocal responsibilities from Rik and Brian. Ann accepted, but the chemestry wasn't right, so she left to pursue other avenues.

Phil Gentry: Drums
Phil was the band's third drummer. He was a talented musician who joined the band during a brief, and somewhat chaotic, transition period, which resulted in his making a quick exit from the lineup.

Gary Hagenstaller: Drums
Gary was the fifth drummer for the band. He had raw power and energy that became a major driving force that helped to shape the band's direction. Gary played with Knightmayre for close to a year before leaving unexpectedly. It was Gary and Rik who came up with the idea of turning "Taking Care of Business" into the 15 minute jam that became the band's trademark.

Brad Jones: Guitar
Brad was one of the original founders of the band. He had played previously with Rik and Tony in 'Trailblazers'. He left the band after Tony joined and moved to West Virginia shortly thereafter. He later helped to form 'The Jones Gang', with his talented cousin, 'Crispy' Dave Jones.

Steve Leo: Drums
Steve was the band's fourth drummer. He was talented and eager and helped the band to step up a notch or two. His arrival pumped new life into the band, which was on the brink of disolving at the time. So he can be credited with helping to save Knightmayre. Things went very well with Steve behind the skins, but after a short stint he abruptly left the band; opening the door for Gary Hagenstaller's arrival.

Todd Lockhart: Guitar
Todd was A hard playing "riff" producing guitarist, who was introduced to the band by drummer Gary Hagenstaller. Gary was added as the band's third powerful new sound for the group. During his time with the band Todd remained distant and aloof from the rest of the members and he left the band without warning just before their first performance as the opening act for 'Night Train'.

Willy reeves: Lead Singer/Guitar
Willy was a co-founder of the band. He had a supurb voice and adequate guitar skills, and was a charismatic front man. But Willy could be difficult to work with at times, often clashing with other members of the band. Willy was also initially opposed to the additions of both Tony and Mitch to the band's lineup. Willy started out as the lead singer, but soon agreed to share that role with Bernie Bathurst when she joined the band. The two complimented each other very nicely. Like Bernie; Willy's style did not fit in well with the new direction that the band was headed by the end of 1980. That, and his argumentative nature being the cause of one of their drummers quitting the band, resulted in his being dropped by the end of 1981. After being the cause of losing a drummer and a singer/guitarist he was fired from the band.

Stu Rose: Drums
Stu was Knightmayre's first drummer. He was a powerful force and a very skilled drummer. Stu joined the band after answering an add in Dale City Music and instantly began guiding the group into becoming more of a hard rock act. His stint with the band was cut short very quickly after he was recruited to join the locally successful group 'Fury'. He went on to play in the heavy metal group 'Crucifix' as well as several other bands.

Steve Whelchel: Drums
Steve was the band's second drummer, coming on board soon after the departure of Stu Rose. He was a good drummer with a lot of heart and was behind the drums for that initial summer that saw a lot of transition as the band's lineup and style changed often. He left the band as a result of arguments caused by Willy Reeve's bickering and complaints over Steve's style of play, which came to a head during a party in Dale City, VA. near the end of that first summer.