Rik Saunders
Rik Saunders

Rik was the lead singer, bassist, and founding member of Knightmayre.

Rik inherited the music bug from his dad; "Diamond" Jim Saunders, who exposed him to the music scene while playing country & bluegrass in local bars when Rik was a child.

His dad gave him his first bass at the age of 15, and seven months later Rik had joined his first band. He credits most of his skills on the bass to his two teachers: Ann Rufo, and Berkley Royster (Of Diamond Alley, Orphan and Kid Logic fame).

Before founding the band that would eventually become Knightmayre, Rik played bass for 'Trail Blazers' and 'Spic Spac'.

When "Knightmayre" was on breaks, or between drummers, Rik played in such bands as "Strong Bow", "Titan", and "Makin' Bacon". He also sat in with "Scoundrels" and "The Ed Behrens Band". Rik also worked briefly as a roadie for "The Boyz".

After Knightmayre disbanded in 1984, Rik began his post-Knightmayre solo career by forming "Loaded Dice" (Sometimes known as "Full Service", "The Ken-Eddie Rockers", and "Free Beer"). "Loaded Dice" was an on-again-off-again project from 1984 thru 1986, consisting of a revolving door of musicians, including "Ray Sly Band" guitarist Dave Lizme, and, briefly, fellow-Knightmayre alumni, Brian Barnhart.

Also during this time Rik would periodically sit in with various musicians in Falls Church, VA to jam with and, occasionally, record alternative-style music. Among those who were sometimes involved were Ellen 'Tori' Amos and a very young Dave Grohel (Of "Foo Fighters" and "Nirvana" fame).

Early in 1987 Rick reunited with Mitch Jones to form the band "Exhibit A". But after months of scheduling difficulties they disbanded.

Later in 1987-88 Rik formed "The Traveling Bo Brothers" (also known as "The Dizzy Bockman Band" with friends and co-workers. T.B.B. performed a pair of songs live on Washington, DC's WCXR radio station and became semi-regular performers on the nationally syndicated Tom Snyder Radio Show. The Traveling Bo Brothers never became anything more than a part-time project, although they did travel to Secaucus, NJ twice: Once for a performance as 'The Bat-men' at the Secaucus Hilton, and another time to visit a recording studio where they recorded two cover versions of songs that were never released.

During the 1990's Rik worked stage security, stage lighting, and behind the scenes backstage tasks for several major concert acts in the Northern Virginia area. He has worked with artist ranging from Aerosmith, Molly Hatchet, Confederate Railroad, etc. To Christian artist such as Petra, The News Boys and Bryan Duncan just to name a few.

In 1995, Rik's future wife, Teresa, performed with Bryan Duncan as a member of his Christmas concert choir.

Rik remains active: just not musically. He is an ordained minister and pastoral counselor, has returned to seminary where he earned his masters and doctorate degrees, and he is active in counceling, motorcycle, and prison ministry. He has published several books and is an amateur magician and an active Freemason.

While he would like to hit the stage again someday, the last time he played with a band was in 1999 when he filled in for bassist Matt Quick for the final two shows of the Christian Group, Kingdom Kids. He still practices his bass (He also plays the Native American flute and is attempting to learn bagpipes), just in case the right opportunity arises.