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The Traveling Bo Brothers

In 1989 Rik Saunders, John Stephens, Mike Whitener and Jason Caldwell began working on a project. To put together a band to play in the Battle of the Bands contest at Beatlefest in Secaucus, NJ. They originally named the band "The Dizzy Bockman Band." after a friend's cat. And specialized in "Beatles" music.

In March of that year "The Dizzy Bockman Band" made the trip to New Jersey. Failing to qualify for the Battle of the Bands they ended up making an appearance in the hotel lounge before returning home.

Once back home they branched out to 60's & early 70's classic rock. And renamed the band "The Traveling Bo Brothers". They also added several song parodies to their act.

The band played a few parties over the years but did very little. Mostly the Traveling Bo Brothers served as a part time project for its members. But they did have the opportunity to perform at a few parties. They also put on a show for drug and alcohol rehab patients and staff at a Northern Virginia hospital. While visiting Canton, OH. for the NFL Hall of Fame game John managed to contrive a way for the band to ride in the Hall of Fame Parade with "A Bunch of Clowns" as they helped with a rendition of a country song entitled "Happy Boy".

In 1992 the band traveled back to Secaucus, NJ to appear at Beatlefest and in the Holiday Inn lounge. They also performed at a private hotel party. And they took some time to record two songs at a local studio.

In August of 1992 Jason officially left the band.

The Traveling Bo Brothers began fading away after that. They never replaced Jason. Although the members of "TBB" did get together with former Knightmayre guitarist Mitch Jones a couple times without him ever joining the band. The members found other responsibilities taking up their time. So the band unofficially broke up in 1993.

On January 14, 2000 the four original members of the Traveling Bo Brothers (Rik, John, Mike & Jason) reunited for the first time in years. This came at a farewell party for John after he resigned following 16 years service. Rik managed to get former employees Mike Whitener and Jason Caldwell to come to the afternoon event. A few days prior to the party Jason made the suggestion that they should perform a few of their old songs together as part of the party.

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