Tony Rudder
Tony Rudder

Tony Rudder was the lead guitarist for Knightmayre.

His father, Earl Rudder, played banjo and introduced Tony to country and blue grass banjo picking as a young boy. In addition to guitar, Tony plays bass and banjo.

Before Knightmayre, Tony played with Rik briefly in the band "Trail Blazers".

After Knightmayre disbanded Tony could be found over the next couple years sitting in with various bands throughout the region. But personal tragedy and family commitments prevented him from participating much in many musical ventures.

In May, 1989 Tony joined Rik and Mitch for the celebrated one night Knightmayre reunion in London, Ontario.

In 1991 Tony traveled to Cancun with Mitch Jones, where they happened onto the opportunity to appear with the Columbian female duo, "The Cartel" for a one night show

During the late 1980's and early 1990's Tony occasionally performed at bluegrass festivals in Virginia and West Virginia. He won a guitar at one such performance in Fredericksburg, Va.

In 1996 Tony formed the short-lived group, "The Walker Trio".

Tony spends his free time playing guitar and working with recording equipment. And is very active in the Fredericksburg, VA Masonic Lodge. He has not performed live for several years.